Family Business Advisory

There are great examples of world-class family-owned companies who drive a significant amount of growth in their respective country economy and make significant contributions to the society whether it is creating jobs, increasing the standards of living, health, agricultural/digital products and generating thousands of jobs etc.

However, these companies face significant amount of challenges due to their unique vulnerabilities such as family discord, generational transition challenges, different views at the time of investment decisions, sharing of profits, critical appointments etc. which can have far-reaching consequences as the firm’s value could deteriorate and share prices plunge which is why we need to find a trusted advisor proactively to avoid such situations, someone who is an expert in the art of family business management especially at managing leadership dynamics and that’s where leadership experiences brings in its competence to pro-actively resolve such scenarios.

Our key competence is in the following:

Facilitate Attraction & Retention of Talent

Help resolve Family and Business Partnership Challenges

Institutionalise Successional Planning & Exit strategies

Coaching for Ambivalence in Personal & Business life

Critical Leadership Transitions

Build an outside in or an external view

Manage Challenges Easily

  • Leadership experiences helps families manage these challenges sensitively, whether it is about finding the best way forward for next generation transitions, family or nonfamily leadership successions, facilitating consensus before critical decision-making through various models of family synergy.

leadership experiences brings in its competence to pro-actively resolve dynamic scenarios.