Leadership Referral

Leadership referral is not a leadership search, it is an outcome of the significant network we have created due to the hiring of more than 1000 leaders globally in different industries in the last 10 odd years.We find Leaders who are aligned in their purpose both in life and professional interest to meet your organisation’s purpose of existence, we use a combination of assessment methodology to shortlist our profiles, be it instruments like Hogan, Power Intelligence, Existential Universal Mapper, Enneagram, Human potential assessment etc.

In our experience, the following are the most relevant traits top leaders are hired for in the Fortune 500 companies and our expertise is to help you assess these as they are extremely critical in today’s world:

Is the leader a relentless lifelong learner?

Is the leader pursuing professional growth and development opportunities aggressively?

Does the Leader have a Mentor and/or a Coach?

How has the leader implemented learnings from her/his failures?

What is she/he learning right now and how?

How do they bring out collaboration especially across generations of the workforce?

How has the leader developed diversity growth in her/his team?

How good a storyteller is she/he?

And of course her/his relevant experience with world-class organisations and her/his domain expertise and the DNA of leading significant transformations in their organisations.

The Best Awaits

  • Our leadership referral services identify and attract these critical leaders, matches them to the organisation’s culture fitment and will help you build the appropriate compensation and retention frameworks which are done in a totally confidential manner.

we do not refer more than 3 leaders for a position as we are extremely good at going beyond the job description and understand and execute on the desirables!