Individual Offering

Traversing with individual leaders and helping them transform is a key purpose of existence for Leadership Experiences, in that pursuit we work with both emerging and established leaders to deepen their self-awareness and consciousness in creating high impact results in their chosen roles which at times is combined with our offering of Integral coaching. We also facilitate this with key insights to transform using a variety of psychometric assessments like EUM I & O, Hogan, Power Intelligence, Enneagram etc

Leadership Strengths, Potential, Derailers & Blind Spots

  • Leaders like you are always under pressure especially in todays world. When the related stress is on, the line between strength and weakness isn’t always clear, drive becomes ruthless ambition, and attention to detail becomes micromanaging. The blind side of personality derails careers and companies, but it doesn’t have to. Impression management is an important skill, research shows that individuals who scored high on a measure of self-monitoring were more likely to get promoted and have a successful career than their less tactful counterparts. But the more time we spend under stress, the less able we are to manage our behaviour, and eventually, our blind sides emerge.
  • Our offering of your assessed personality describes a group of characteristics that can be strengths under normal circumstances, but when you aren’t self-monitoring, it can become reputation ruining interpersonal flaws. Even though they only tend to show up in times of increased stress or pressure, they can be extremely damaging to your reputation. These blind side tendencies erode trust, loyalty and enthusiasm, and are of particular concern in relationship to your leadership role. Let’s get your assessment done to explore these aspects together.

Personality Awareness & Leadership Style Preferences

  • You emerge from your childhood with a type dominating your personality, with inborn temperament and other pre-natal factors being the main determinants of your type. We are born with a dominant type, subsequently, this inborn orientation largely determines the ways in which you learn to adapt to your early childhood environment. It also seems to lead you to certain unconscious orientations towards your parental figures, but why is this so, we still do not know. In any case, by the time you are four or five years old, your consciousness has developed sufficiently for you to have a separate sense of self. Although your identity is still very fluid, at this age you begin to establish yourself and find ways of fitting into the world on your own. Thus, the overall orientation of your personality reflects the totality of all childhood factors that influenced its development.
  • Develop awareness on how your personality and inner processing could potentially impact your work style, communication style and decision making. Obtain insights in to your interpersonal needs from your colleagues, managers and your team.

Power Intelligence through the lens of Leadership

  • Power is at the heart of Leadership. How are you as a Leader managing the authority of your role is one of the most critical factors that determine your success. While it is a defining element of Leadership, its hard to get it right hence the need to get that right with the help of a Leadership experiences Coach.

Career Coaching in the Context of Future of Work

  • Its critical to keep evaluating your relevance and future roles especially when the world is changing so fast, many leaders blindly continue to do their work without taking a pause and its extremely important to do that as you are lonely in doing this exercise rather than get in to unwanted circumstances related to your career. We in strict confidence help you in your personal transition to be always relevant and continue creating higher impact so that you could cruse in your career.

Leadership Self-awareness

  • This is our way of facilitating you with critical inputs to self-exploration, self-discovery, and a step towards unravelling of underlying structures of thought, feeling and action. The snapshot of your inner world and how it impacts your behaviour and offerings possibilities on how you are likely to be perceived by other people, your team and some questions & practices for your reflection and actions is the key ingredients in this process.

Exploring Leadership Orientation

  • We help you examine 3 key leadership dimensions such as your focus on task, focus on people and focus on self and how are you co holding the same and steps to integrate the right balance along with co-created practices for transformation as these dimensions both support and conflict with each other. Your leadership impact differs with the relative impact you put on these three dimensions.

traversing with individual leaders and helping them transform is a key purpose of existence for leadership experiences