Leadership Interview's as a Service

We all have experienced that we receive hundreds of Leadership applications for every job we post either on LinkedIn or on our own Career page and mostly 90% of them are irrelevant. Some of you may have a search words based shortlisting engine in your ATS but you are not always happy with the shortlist or it may have missed shortlisting a great Diversity candidate.

Do you think it’s worth, for your internal recruiting managers/leaders to go through every resume and try to assess them? What about the enormous time taken to respond to the right candidates? Are you missing on some great leader’s in the process? What’s happening to your Corporate Brand image?

Looking at this pain & the larger challenge it creates, we have created a product/service to shortlist the right candidates and present to you just 3 of them along with a comprehensive assessment both technical, behavioural & leadership skills so that you could select/offer the right candidate in a short span of time.

The benefits are clear to us of such a product/service:

Higher capacity / Lower latency to the interview pipeline:

In today’s world, time to offer is key in the recruiting process. LiaS (Leadership interview’s as a Service) can act as a method to quickly screen leadership candidates on their technical/behavioural/leadership merit without interrupting your Hiring Leader’s or HR’s valuable time. Leave the hiring aspects that matter to your organization to us so that your Leader’s/HR can invest in interviewing only the right 3 leaders for every leadership position.


Hiring for leadership is always hard. Being the first of a kind at an organization, LiaS can provide expertise, and experience for the role, so you don’t have to hire candidates without being able to attest to their leadership skill sets. Trust LiaS to make the right choices for you.


Fear that your leaders/team is integrating their own biases into hiring decisions? LiaS comes with its own biases built-in, but these will be independent from the team. Introducing a heterogeneous background to your interview panel will allow you to approach a leadership candidate’s expertise from a different angle.

discuss with us how to make your candidate and hiring leader’s experience the best and land the top talent in to your organization.