Leadership Assessment

It’s extremely critical to evaluate a leader more than her/his experience as potential is the key for them to keep winning at the market place and be impactful in more and more complex roles. For the same, we bring in behavioural and competency assessments, psychometric analysis and insights into the 360-degree feedback so that you get a clear picture of your Leader’s strength and the interventions which are required to build them further.

Our interventions in this space are the following:

Make you take the right Leadership selection decision whether its internal or external candidates.

Giving you a comprehensive assessment of your Leadership team looking at your growth challenges, vision and strategy of your division/organisation.

Choosing high potential internal candidates and facilitating and executing the development plan for them so that your successors are ready well in advance.

we use psychometric instruments like hogan, enneagram, power intelligence, existential universal mapper, MBTI, firo B, eq-i 2.0, human potential assessment, as support tools in this process.